REV 10 B-SC V2 MINI | REV Series 10″ Black Tower Speaker With TC3 Mini Swivel Clamps For Tube Diameter 1” To 1 7/8”

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Take your experience to the next level with the Revolution Series Tower Speakers from Wet Sounds. Enjoy the best full range sound quality on and off axis at long distances while riding behind your wake boat thanks to the high performance woofer using a kevlar-reinforced cone and polyurethane surround for extra strength. Powerful highs from the titanium horn loaded compression driver will provide crisp, sound clarity at high volume levels so you won't miss a beat.   Rev Series Tower Speakers are available in a 8" and 10" Model in Gloss Black or Gloss White Finishes and sold in pairs with clamp choice. Stainless Steel Clamp Styles Available:

  • Swivel Clamp - Fits Tube Diameter 1 7/8" up to 3"
  • Mini Swivel Clamp - Fits Tube Diameter 1" up to 1 7/8"
  • Swivel Surface Clamp (SXM) - For Surface Mounting, Allows Swivel and Removability of Speaker
  • Fixed Clamp - Fits Tube Diameter 1 7/8" up to 3"
  • Mini Fixed Clamp - Fits Tube Diameter 1" up to 1 7/8"
  • Fixed Clamp SA (Silver Aluminum) - Fits Tube Diameter 1 7/8" up to 3"
  • X-Mount (Surface Mount) - For Surface Mounting, Available in Black or White Powdercoat Finish
US Patent Office Logo U.S. Utility Patent No.: US 8,568,162 Mountable Loudspeaker Assemblies & Clamps 

PEAK Watts 600
RMS Watts 300
Sensitivity 92 db at 1watt/1 meter
High Frequency Pro-Axial™ Driver – Coaxially mounted Titanium Diaphragm High Output
Mid Bass 10 inch Kevlar reinforced EFG™ cone woofers with polyurethane surround
Front-Back 13″ (330.20mm)
Impedance 4 ohms
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHZ
Hang Height 11 9/16″ (293.68mm)
Hang Weight 14.8 pounds / 6.71 kg each
Width 10 5/8″ (269.87mm)
Color Black
HLCD 1.35″