Fendertex® Tubular Fender T175

Price excludes 5% UAE VAT


Boat Dimension

FROM 131 TO 180 FEET


Fender Textile
Height 1700mm
Width 560mm
Thickness 278mm
Rings in D Stainless Steel


The tubular fender is designed for sailboats, monohulls and catamarans. Its design prevents it from rolling on itself and protects a large area. The tubular fender is suitable for sailboats from 23 to 131 feet. It is lightweight, easy to handle and allows an optimum space saving once deflated. All FENDERTEX® textile fenders are dyed in the mass and designed according to a patented technique in a resistant material leaving no trace or scratches on the hull.

The FENDERTEX® textile tubular fender is:

  • Extremely resistant to compression and tensile strengh – thanks to its textile tubular design without seams or welding
  • Customizable thanks to the choice of many colors and options
  • The lightest in the world
  • Easy to store – (Once deflated the fender rolls up to save space on board)
  • Quickly inflatable and deflatable
  • Easy to maintain – Machine washable at 40 ° C
  • UV resistant – Thanks to its mass-dyed yarn



  • 100% polyester high and low tenacity mass dyed yarn
  • Tubular knit
  • Able to manage air volume variations due to temperature variations
  • Confection made of doubled suspension strap, 100% polyester
  • Strap on the lower part made of polyester
  • Stainless steel D-rings


  • Polyurethane
  • 500% of elasticity
  • Adapted to the marine environment
  • Welded by high frequency welding
  • Secure empty-fast valve

The polyurethane inner bladder is independent of the textile part so that it can be replaced in the event of a puncture