Europump 4 low-consumption fresh water pump (Part No: 16.503.12)

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Brand : Osculati It can feed 2 taps at the same time. Fitted with circuit breaker against overloads. It can run dry without damage.

Pressure switch - version automatic Pressure switch - calibrated at 2,8 BAR/40 PSI Flow l/min 3,8 Current draw A 2
Hose adaptor Ø mm 10 Overall dimensions mm 170x100x60 Spare pressure switch 16.540.01

Item Pressure switch – version Pressure switch – calibrated at Flow l/min Current draw A Hose adaptor Ø mm Overall dimensions mm Spare pressure switch
Europump 4 fresh water pump 12 V 2 A
automatic 2,8 BAR/40 PSI 3,8 2 10 170x100x60 16.540.01