Anywhere LED Utility Light-Red SKU 101035

195.0 AED

Price excludes 5% UAE VAT

Colour Output : Red Non Dimming

Finish/Housing : Brushed

Anywhere LED Utility Light
SKU 101035
Where can you use a light that is attractive, bright, small, completely sealed and impermeable to the elements, yet blends with well-appointed interiors? Well, anywhere! Lumitec’s “Anywhere Light” is the high intensity surface mount light that you don’t have to hide. Quality aluminum housing with type II anodizing for an appealing satin look that durably withstands the elements. Choose white, red, blue or full-color spectrum output. Completely water sealed and IP67 compliant.

Product Name Anywhere LED Utility Light – Red
Color Output Red Non-Dimming
Finish / Housing Brushed
Voltage 10-30 vDC
12v DC Amps 160mA
24v DC Amps 100mA
Related Watts 2
Op. Temp F/C -31/35 to + 131/55
Diameter 1.73in (4.39cm)
Depth 0.45in (1.15cm)
IP Rating 67
PLI Enabled No
Timed Toggled Protocol (TTP) No
Third Party Dimmer Compatibility (3PD) Yes
Color Match Commitment (CM) Yes
CE Certified Yes
UL Certified No
Sub Category Compartment & Utility Lights