Traditional red glue based on phenolresorcinic adhesive used in the production of lamellar beams, for veneering and gluing of seals. It is well known and aprecciated in the boatyard industry for the construction of boat hulls, bows, keels, frames, masts and decks.



Surface condition: For best results the timber should be planed. In order to provide best resistance to the timber the planing process should be carried out within 24 hours from the gluing process. Remove dust from the planed surfaces. Recommended wood humidity : 8-14%; in case of production of lamellar beams: 10-12%.
Spreading: A quantity of approx. 300-400 grams of glue per square meter is recommended for most operations. For the gluing of hard wood it is necessary to spread the glue on both surfaces in the amount of 150-200 grams per square meter.
Setting time:  The setting (assembly) time is the time that elapse between the application of the glue till  the time that is set under pressure. The assembly can also be made while the glue is still sticky. 
Setting time: Here below a setting time table with glue applied at different temperatures:

Temperatures   Glue applied at 300 gr/m2               Glue applied at 450 gr/m2

20°C                   min.5 - max.30 minutes                  min.7 - max.45 minutes

25°C                   min.4  - max.25 minutes                 min.6 - max.30 minutes

30°C                   min.3  - max.15 minutes                 min.4 - max.20 minutes

A double spreading can increase the setting time of 30-40%.

Pressure temperature: Soft woods can be sticked together at 20°C.  If the gluing line is heated up at 30°C better results can be achieved. 

For hard woods the temperature of the gluing line should be of 40°C at least.

Note: When large amount of glue is used it is recommended that the glue is being cooled down at 10-15°C  to extend the pot life of the activated product.

Product Specification
Paint Type
Two components
Code & colour A
Solids content (volume) ±2
Viscosity Ford Ø4
Brookfield RVF : Index tixo 2,8 min. (25°C)
Mixing ratio A+B by weight
100 parts of Glue (A) with 15 parts of Hardener (B)
Ready to use
Dry film thickness advised
approx. 300-400 grams of Glue per m2
catalyst added
catalizzatore in peso : 100 parti di colla con 15 parti di catalizzatore
Binder type A
Specific gravity kg/lt (±0,05)
1.130 (A) - 0.610 (B)
Shelf life (+10+30°C)
18 months in airtight cans
Brush rigid
Temperature Pot Life
10°C: 4.30 h - 15°C: 2.15 h - 20°C: 1.15 h - 25°C: 0.45 h
Relevant humidity
Less than 80%
Theoret. coverage m2/Lt
according to the thickness
Application temperatures
tra +10 e +40°C