Waterproof white glue in powder form, based on urea-formaldeyde, formulated for general gluing purposes. it does firmly glues all types of wood and plastic sheets and is particularly apreciated in those cases where a moisture resistance is required. It does not stain the wood and in case of recoating with clear varnishes it does not leave halos underneath. It can be overcoated with both one or two component transparent varnishes. It is diluted with addition of 50% of water.



Wood, Plastic sheets. Mix 2 parts of White glue with 1 part of water (or 3,5 parts of glue with 1 of water by volume). Best is to pour half the content of water into a non-metallic container and then add the glue under stirring till it has fully melted. Add the rest of water and keep under stirring till the mixture is evenly mixed. The glue is now ready to be applied within 3 hours (15°C). In order to get accurate ration of mixing it is recommended to weight the ingredients (water and glue); water should have a temperature between 15 and 25°C. At this stage the glue can be evenly applied by means of a stiff brush. Stick the two surfaces together and close them tightly (with screw or nails) while the glue is still fresh. Keep tightly pressed for a period of 6-7 hours (15°C) or longer if temperature in case of a lower temperature. It is not however recommended the use of the product at temperatures lower than 10°C. After application and before the glue dries clean the tools with hot water and soap. Store the cans in a cool and dry place with the lid tightly closed. 

Product Specification
Binder type A
Code & colour A
Shelf life (+10+30°C)
18 months in airtight cans
Pot life A+B (20°C)
use within 2-3 hours
Application temperature
Between +10 C and +40 C
Dry film thickness advised
depending on absorption
Open time (20°C)
30 minutes
Water temperature
tra 15-20°c
Thinning by volume
3,5 parts of Glue with 1 part of water
Binder type B
Specific gravity kg/lt (±0,05)
0,700 (A)
Brush rigid
Temperature Pot Life
Relevant humidity
Less than 80%
Theoret. coverage m2/Lt
Depending on absorption
Pressure time (20°C)
7 hours
Thinning by weight
2 parts of Glue with 1 part of water